Where to Buy a Bemer Mat Product?

If you’re looking for the official channel to purchase a Bemer mat, this can only be done on the Bemer Group website, but what should you know first?

Bemer Group Logo

Most local distributors of Bemer products, IBD’s, (independent Bemer distributors) will have their own special web link to the Bemer Group website so that it registers as that distributor’s sale. Make sure to ask your distributor for this if you want to make sure they have credit for the sale.

If someone is trying to sell you a new Bemer mat, with warranty, be very careful as if you’re not ordering it through the Bemer Group website (with their link for instance) then you’ll need to register the product yourself and make sure no one else has previously registered it to their own name for the warranty.

In terms of alternative avenues to purchase a Bemer mat the first thing to know is that there is no way to purchase a mat used which still has an active warranty. The warranty only stays with the original purchaser of the product.

Careful with used Bemer Warranty!

If you are looking for a used Bemer mat there are a number of places you can look, this includes all the local sales which you may be able to find through a website like Craigslist or similar, and then the 2 major online sellers of used products, eBay, and Amazon.

Again be warned that any used Bemer mat does not come with a warranty from the Bemer Group, however most online sellers like eBay or Amazon, will provide a DOA (dead on arrival) protection policy.

This means that if your product is non-functional from the day it arrives you will be able to submit a complaint and get your money back, provided you ship the item back to the seller (at your expense). 

Be warned that if the item is “as described” (ie. the description notes it is non-functional or only partially functional), then neither eBay or Amazon will give your money back, so be sure to read the item description VERY thoroughly before purchase!

What You Should Know First

If you’re considering purchasing a Bemer mat this may be because you’ve discerned that it has the latest, most effective PEMF and because it’s the most widely used.

If this is the case, you should know that the older model, Bemer 3000, from the year 2007, has the exact same PEMF as the brand new models now for sale.

In other words, the Bemer PEMF technology has not been updated since the year 2007.

Bemer PEMF Last Updated in 2007

Research on PEMF technology is still growing, and if you are still doing your own research before purchasing a machine, we recommend you see some Bemer comparisons and our PEMF therapy research page before choosing for yourself.

The controllers used on the newer Bemer Pro and Bemer Classic have some timer scheduling and more advanced settings, but in terms of the pulsed electromagnetic field they generate it is the exact same as the older Bemer 3000 from 2007. (Bemer 3000 models from prior to 2007 did not include the Bemer Plus signal)

The Bemer 3000 can likely be found used locally or certainly online for a mere fraction of the cost of a new Bemer, so if you don’t mind turning the controller on and off as you use it you’ll get all the same benefits as you would with a brand new unit with a Bemer 3000, take a look at Bemer for sale on eBay here.

Bemer Products

Bemer offers a few different products and these include a couple different options for the home, one equine option for horses and some other small accessories which can be purchased separately if desired.

If you’re curious whether there are other competitive products similar to Bemer, have a look at our Bemer review page.

Pro Set

The key points on the Bemer Pro set are that it has a more intricate, fancier controller, 2 more applicators, and the mat is made with alcantara (sweat/water resistant). More or less it has the same minor accessories & instructions included.

Main components included with the Pro set are,

  • Pro B.Box (PEMF controller, with fancier interface)
  • Pro B.Body (this is the mat, Pro mat made with Alcantara which is sweat and water resistant) 
  • Spot PEMF applicator, B.Spot
  • Pad PEMF applicator, B.Pad
  • Light Applicator B.Light (this is not PEMF, this is a red light therapy applicator)

Classic Set

The Bemer Classic set has a more basic controller interface however it provides the same PEMF experience as the Pro set.

You also receive a couple less applicators including no red light therapy applicator when purchasing the Classic set.

One other thing to note is that the Classic mat material is not sweat and water resistant like the Pro mat is made from alcantara.

Included in the Classic set is as follows,

  • Classic B.Box (PEMF controller, same functions as Pro except the interface is more basic)
  • Classic B.Body (this is the mat, not made with alcantara like the Pro B.Body)
  • Spot PEMF applicator, B.Spot

Bemer 3000

The Bemer 3000 is the very original Bemer mat product that put the brand on the map.

It was introduced in 1999, and is still very well known, people still search the internet for the Bemer 3000 to this day.

Important to know about the Bemer 3000, is that as of the year 2007, it began using the latest Bemer PEMF technology which is still used today in the Bemer Pro & Classic sets.

The Bemer 3000 is no longer available to purchase new, but if you’re interested you can read more here on our page, Bemer 3000.

If you’re looking to purchase a Bemer 3000 be sure to check off what is included as a used product may be missing items, when they were new they included a spot applicator as well as the mat.

Bemer Horse Blanket Set

The Bemer equine PEMF set, likely better known as the Bemer Horse blanket, is the Bemer set specifically catered towards horses.

It includes a full blanket, as well as cuff applicators for the hooves & legs of the horse and utilizes the same PEMF therapy as used with the Bemer Pro and Classic sets.

Read more on our Bemer equine page.

Bemer Price List

All of the controllers, applicators, and other accessories can be purchased separately, new on the Bemer Group website.

The following are the prices for the full sets as you’ll find them on the Bemer homepage.

Bemer Pro Set Price - $5,990 USD

Bemer Classic Set Price - $4,290 USD

Bemer 3000 Price - Check Used Price

Check the used price of a Bemer 3000 on eBay.

Bemer Horse Blanket Set Price - $4,990 USD

Read more on the Bemer Horse Blanket.

Bemer Mat Amazon

You may be looking for a Bemer Pro for sale, or Bemer mat for sale on Amazon or eBay.

First thing you need to know is that any Bemer product you find for sale on Amazon or eBay will be used and not new, because Bemer Group official, does not sell anywhere except for their own website.

You will still find Bemer products on Amazon and eBay, but these are by re-sellers selling used products.

In fact there is even a seller account on Amazon called “Bemer”, this is not the official Bemer Group or even a distributor, this is an individual selling used products. (we even see they are using the new product photos from the Bemer website and not actual photos of what they are selling)

Be incredibly careful when purchasing used especially when the seller claims to provide a warranty, because the warranty will be provided by the seller, Bemer Group will not provide any warranty for these items.

We’ve excerpted a question answered on a Bemer Classic listed by this seller on Amazon, and you can see the response direct from Bemer Group, and the seller’s response (which is that the seller will personally uphold the warranty).

If you’re wondering why Bemer does not sell on Amazon, our speculation is that it is to protect their IBDs (independent Bemer distributors) from losing sales which otherwise would have been theirs.

If you are looking for a used Bemer product, we would recommend having a look at what is currently available for Bemer on eBay; and checking out our Bemer comparisons as you may find a PEMF device with newer PEMF technology that fits your needs for a far more affordable price.

Points of caution purchasing used,

  • Bad seller reviews, or a bad seller
  • No official Bemer warranty
  • All accessories included?
  • Condition of the used item
  • No support from the Bemer Group

Bemer Mat Rental

You may be concerned with the cost of a Bemer, so many people look to rent and test one before purchasing.

First thing to know, is that the only way to rent is through one of the IBDs (independent Bemer distributors); Bemer Group official does not rent out Bemer mats.

Typically if you purchase a Bemer mat through one of the IBD’s within a certain window of time, they will refund your rental cost and you can likely find an IBD to rent you a mat with a couple quick Google searches.

Some competing PEMF mat products offer risk free 45 day return windows with 100% money back guarantee, so if you want to rent for the intention of testing out, these may be a good option. See these on our page Bemer vs Competition.