Bemer Group Review

Bemer Group Company Background

The Bemer Group originated in central Europe as a family run business in 1990.

Years later in 1998 Bemer Group became the company it is known as today, however registered as INNOMED International AG in Liechtenstein as their holding company by the then and current CEO, Peter Gleim.

In 1999 the well known Bemer 3000 was introduced and the company patented their Bemer PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field), signal. This Bemer PEMF signal is also commonly referred to as Bemer Therapy.

In 2003 Bemer Group started international expansion using their MLM, multi-level marketing structure to create brand awareness, and as of now is in 40 countries, including Bemer Group USA, and Bemer Group Canada.

Multi-level marketing used by Bemer, is also called pyramid selling, network marketing, or referral marketing and is a marketing structure which allows recruitment of new distributors who then contribute a portion of their sales to the individual who recruited them; Wikipedia is a good resource to learn more on Multi-level marketing

Modern Day Bemer Group

In the Bemer multi-level marketing structure the individuals who sell Bemer are called IBD’s, this stands for Independent Bemer Distributor.

Later in 2007, the Bemer Plus Signal was introduced to all of their products, into the then Bemer 3000, and later in 2010 when the Bemer Group introduced their Bemer Classic and Bemer Pro products the Plus Signal was also included.

To learn more about the Bemer Plus Signal, what it is, and how it relates to PEMF, see our page on Bemer PEMF Technology (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field).

Since the introduction of the Bemer Classic and Bemer Pro product sets in 2010 (Bemer Products), there has been the launch of their PEMF products for animals, namely the Bemer Horse Blanket.

Bemer PEMF technology currently used in all products by the Bemer Group is the original Bemer Signal from 1999, with the plus signal as developed in 2007.

Since 2007 there has been no further development of the Bemer PEMF technology.

Learn about current PEMF technology based on the research from PubMed.

Bemer Group Products

Bemer sells a select variety of PEMF products, and one red light therapy product.

Bemer Light Therapy is not the same as the commonly referred to Bemer Therapy which is a PEMF, pulsed electro magnetic field therapy.

Bemer Group Products include,

  • Bemer Pro-Set
  • Bemer Classic-Set
  • Bemer 3000 (no longer available)
  • Bemer Horse Blanket
  • Bemer B.Light (Bemer Light Therapy)

These Bemer products are reviewed on our Bemer Products page, except the Horse Blanket and B.Light, Bemer Light Therapy, reviewed on their own individual pages.

Bemer USA

Bemer Group USA is the USA based subsidiary of Bemer International AG, which is also registered in Liechtenstein as INNOMED International AG.

Their headquarters in the USA are in Carlsbad, California, located at 1989 Palomar Oaks Way.

Bemer has gone through the process of submitting a 510(K) form to the FDA to permit its sales in the USA, read more on Bemer FDA Approval & Certifications.

Bemer Canada

Bemer Group Canada is the Canada based branch of Bemer, and like the Bemer Group USA this is a subsidiary of their Bemer International AG, (INNOMED International AG).

Unlike Bemer USA, Bemer Canada does not have an official registered office in Canada, and if you look for it you will likely be referred to the USA location in Carlsbad, California.

This means that in terms of brand presence in Canada, this is left to the independent Bemer distributors, IBD’s who sell Bemer products as part of the Bemer MLM structure.

Bemer does not have any specifically Canadian certifications or approvals, but read more here on Bemer FDA Approval & Certifications.