Bemer Review - Complete Review & Comparison of the Bemer Mat

Many people, like us, were looking for Bemer reviews and more information so we took the time to dig deeper and create this Bemer mat review to find out what the research tells us and how Bemer compares to other products like Healthy Wave, Biomat, Magna Wave, Omi & more.

Bemer Mat

bemer pro set

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Key Selling Point Examined

Vasomotion known also as angiokinesis is what facilitates microcirculation in the body and it is the claim of Bemer that nobody can do this better and no one is better researched.

We found one article featuring positive results in vasomotion with the Bemer from the inventor of the Bemer, Dr. Klopp.

It’s noted in the intro of the following study that Dr. Klopp developed the original Bemer therapy, “Bemer Therapy developed by J. Klopp“.

Positive Bemer StudyKlopp Vasomotion Study

We also found an independent study which concluded, “local application of (Bemer PEMF 100 uT, basic frequency 30 Hz) PEMF does not increase temperature or enhance microcirculation in healthy subjects”.

Ineffective Bemer  Study: Electromagnetic fields on Microcirculation

We found a research literature review of multiple studies of non-Bemer magnetic fields on angiogenesis microcirculation where 7 PEMF studies supported an increase in microcirculation, while 2 were ineffective.

Positive Non-Bemer Literature Review Study: Effects of Magnetic Fields on Microcirculation

Prescription use by diabetics is known to decrease vasomotion microcirculation.

We found studies of non-Bemer PEMF which increased microcirculation & healing in diabetics but we did not find any involving Bemer.

Positive Non-Bemer Diabetic Studies:

PEMF Promotes Healing & Microcirculation of Chronic Diabetic

PEMF on Peripheral Blood Circulation in People with Diabetes

In total we found 9 studies which involved the Bemer and we review all of these on our Bemer Therapy Research page.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMF, although sounding complex are merely a magnetic field which is turned on and off at a certain rate of speed called the frequency.

There are 4 attributes which define a PEMF, and these are the frequency, the shape of waveform, the intensity, and the drop off rate.

The unique attribute to the Bemer “Physical” signal is the shape of the waveform

If a signal is sent via PEMF, it is purely magnetic despite the waveform shape, and it is not physical by scientific definition, Magnetism.

All new Bemer products use the Bemer Signal which was introduced in 2007 in the Bemer 3000.

Since then, the Bemer Signal has not been updated, and one may argue that the research & studies on PEMF which have developed since 2007 are quite significant. 

These studies can be seen by searching PubMed, and you can read more here on Bemer PEMF Technology

Often talked about is a collaboration with Nasa in the development of the Bemer Signal into a space suit.

We found the Nasa document which has Bemer on row 595 of the Nasa Agreements List.

It appears for a fee organizations can collaborate with Nasa to work on studies or research.

For example a number of high school students & school districts have done this and are collaborating with Nasa on various research & studies, (rows 583, 574, 570, 566, 565, 564, 563, 562, 560, 559 & more).

Bemer’s collaboration with Nasa appears to end March 3, 2020, and cost have cost them a non-reimbursable $10,587.

We review Bemer Therapy in detail with additional Bemer research studies which we found as well as other Bemer Claims on our other pages of this website.

For more information this website has a detailed video review of the Bemer on its Bemer Review page as well as on another page compares the Best PEMF Mat Devices.

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave

platinum multiwave_mat_table size

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Most PEMF mats will use a single PEMF Signal or limited configuration of PEMF signals as their therapy.

The Multi-Wave includes 10 pre-programmed 20 minute PEMF programs and 2, one hour PEMF programs.

These PEMF programs will cycle through different PEMF Signals composed of different waveforms, frequencies, & intensities to provide a holistic PEMF session with each use.

More than 200 types of cells of all kinds make up human physiology and each will respond differently to variations in PEMF, a wide variety of PEMF could be expected to perform better and be more widely applicable than a limited range.

In addition to the 12 pre-programmed PEMF programs for various conditions the Multi-Wave allows the user to fully configure their own PEMF Signal & create combinations of PEMF Signals.

This is performed by choosing the waveform (Sine or Square), the frequency (between 1-25 Hz), the intensity (5 levels), & the drop off rate (3 levels). 

These options can be combined in 750 unique configurations (2 x 25 x 5 x 3 = 750).

Do they replicate effective PEMFs found in the many research studies on PubMed?

There are countless PEMF studies on PubMed, and a number of these will not be applicable because they are not within the therapeutic range (ie. very high frequency & intensity levels).

We searched PubMed and found a large number of positive studies that were within the frequency & intensity range of the Multi-Wave mat, using standard Sine waveforms.

We even found the Nasa study of the square PEMF waveform fits into what the Multi-Wave mat can be set to generate.

We will list a few pertinent ones here; a larger list can be found on this website’s review of the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave mat.

Positive Studies within Multi-Wave PEMF range:

Nasa Study – Square PEMF Waveform on Neuronal Cells

PEMF on Peripheral Blood Circulation in People with Diabetes

PEMF for Arthritis Treatment & Management

PEMF Increases Sciatic Nerve Regeneration

PEMF Accelerates Functional Recovery Following Nerve Crush Lesion

PEMF Exerted Preventative Effect Against Osteoporosis

The Multi-Wave claims to combine 5 therapies which work together.

Far infrared is generated in the Multi-Wave with a combination of high grade amethyst, tourmaline, obsidian, jade, and quartz.

Negative ions are emitted when the crystals generate the infrared heat.

All of the crystals used in the Healthy Wave mat are additionally first certified as high grade authentic by the GAI, Gemological Appraisal Industry.

Red light therapy lights are included in the mat’s construction & concentrated in the region of the mat which your back would cover.

Studies have shown red light therapy improves microcirculation and it is rapidly becoming a mainstream therapy.

The Multi-wave does appear to contain all the components to generate these 5 therapies.

Looking for an example of these therapies working in a synergistic fashion, we can see an obvious example in microcirculation.

The Benefits of Far Infrared include microcirculation as do the Benefits of PEMF and of red light therapy. Using these therapies simultaneously together it is likely they will have a greater effect than just using a single therapy.


biomat 7000mx professional

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Therapies Included

Key Selling Point Examined

Far infrared heat therapy is a great tool for pain reduction and the improvement of circulation among a number of other Far Infrared Benefits.

It’s likely most well known for its use in far infrared saunas and studies show that regular use of far infrared saunas can improve muscle recovery after training.

We encourage you to look through PubMed to find additional studies of far infrared therapy as they are numerous. Another such study on PubMed examines lower back pain and the effects of far infrared therapy.

Positive Far Infrared Studies:

Far Infrared on Recovery From Strength & Endurance Training Sessions

Far Infrared Treatment for Low Back Pain

Far infrared heat is different than from for instance a heating blanket, as it is generating an invisible wavelength of light, the infrared spectrum, which can penetrate body tissue deeper than just the surface level.

This heat is excellent for circulation improvement, helping to dilate blood vessels and facilitating improved circulation throughout the body.

The Biomat is likely the most well known far infrared therapy product aside from far infrared saunas, however there are numerous other products which offer far infrared, and some go as far to add additional therapies for less cost.

You can read more information on this website’s Biomat Review, as well as compare and contrast the numerous types of Best Far Infrared Mats.

Negative ions can clean and freshen the air around you and are most prevalent near moving bodies of water and outside in nature.

They are the opposite of positive ions which are generated by the static from electronic devices in our home and are prevalent in stagnant air indoors. Isn’t it refreshing to open a window on a rainy day? When it’s raining the air outside is in an abundance of negative ions.

Negative ions can make us feel rejuvenated and refreshed, there’s no coincidence that this is how you feel when out in nature or especially near a waterfall.

There is lots of information online about the Benefits of Negative Ions, and even a number of studies on the PubMed website. One such article examines negative ions and their effect on health and air quality, and finds them to be highly effective in purifying the air.

Another study examines physiological & psychological responses to negative ions and found them to significantly increase relaxation & calmness.

Positive Negative Ion Studies:

Negative Ions & Their Effects on Human Health & Air Quality Improvement

Psychological Effects of Negative Ion Exposure

Interestingly, negative ions are generated when heating natural amethyst and tourmaline crystals. This means any mat which includes these crystals for far infrared will also generate negative ions.

The Biomat uses high grade amethyst crystal and powdered tourmaline crystal.

Higher grades of amethyst crystal will generate longer wavelengths of far infrared for a greater, more effective, therapeutic penetration range.

Biomat claims that many other infrared mats will use in-effective jade crystals or low grade amethyst. Whether or not jade is less effective is an unresolved argument, however it is interesting to know that previous versions of the Biomat combined amethyst and jade in their construction.

Whichever crystal you choose is best for you, it is important when considering a far infrared mat to make sure that it has certified high grade amethyst like the Biomat or Healthy Wave Mats.

You can compare what crystals and combinations of crystals different far infrared mats use on this website’s page, Best Far Infrared Mat Reviews.

Bemer Classic vs Pro

Bemer Classic

bemer classic

The primary differences which you will notice with the Bemer Classic vs the Pro is that the Classic comes with less applicators, and the controller has a more basic interface than the Pro.

The PEMF therapy of the Classic mat is exactly the same vs the Pro mat, (and the same as the Bemer 3000 from 2007.)

Otherwise, more of less the same minor accessories & instructions are included.

Bemer Pro

bemer pro set

With the Bemer Pro vs the Classic, the Pro set comes with more PEMF applicators and additionally a red light therapy applicator.

The Pro controller makes the same PEMF as the Classic, but it has a LCD screen and fancier interface.

There is one difference in the B.Body mat, the Pro mat is made with Alcantara, which is sweat/water resistant.

Read more on the Bemer Classic, Bemer Pro, and other products including the Bemer 3000 on our Bemer Products page.

Bemer vs Biomat


biomat 7000mx professional

Biomat vs Bemer, when comparing these two products it’s a little like apples to oranges.

The Biomat is a far infrared device, and the Bemer mat is a PEMF device.

These are 2 very different styles of therapy however they’ve both demonstrated positive results in the Pubmed research.

Far infrared therapy is the primary therapy of the Biomat and it is particularly good at stimulating higher blood flow and relieving minor muscle aches & pains.

Interestingly many similar benefits can be realized from far infrared therapy as PEMF therapy, for example studies on PubMed show circulation improvement from both these therapies.


bemer pro set

The Bemer mat is a PEMF only device.

It does include a red light therapy applicator in the pro version package but this is a separate device.

PEMF has produced positive effects in a large number of Pubmed studies ranging a very wide variety of ailments including better circulation.

As we’ve noted it is interesting to note that many similar benefits are realized from far infrared therapy as PEMF therapy.

Another thing to note is that because the Bemer mat isn’t made with amethyst crystals it can form fit to most any chair or couch.


Healthy Wave Mat vs Bemer

Healthy Wave Mat

platinum multiwave_mat_table size

Healthy Wave Mat vs Bemer is a little more complicated than most comparisons as there are 2 versions of the Bemer mat, Classic & Pro, and there are many versions of the Healthy Wave Mat.

Here we are comparing the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat, to the Bemer.

The primary difference between the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat and the Bemer is the inclusion of far infrared therapy, which brings along with it negative ions and crystal therapy.

The other major difference between the Multi-Wave & the Bemer is that the Multi-Wave allows you to replicate PEMF Signals from PubMed research articles including the Nasa PEMF study while the Bemer offers just the “Bemer Signal”.

We also really like the best in industry return & warranty policy of the Healthy Wave Mat.


bemer pro set

The Bemer mat is a PEMF only device, with the exception of the red light therapy included with the Pro version.

The difference between the red light therapy of the Bemer and the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat is that the Bemer has a separate applicator while the Healthy Wave has the lights integrated into the mat itself.

The Bemer also has point applicators for PEMF which may be useful if you do not want to lay down on the mat. 

Both products, while offering PEMF & red light therapy are still really quite different in many aspects.

Differences include therapies, pricing, guarantee, and even mode of distribution. Healthy Wave is distributed via an online store, & Bemer via an MLM (multi-level marketed) structure.

MagnaWave vs Bemer


magnawave b2

When comparing the Bemer vs MagnaWave PEMF devices, the main outstanding difference is the intensity of MagnaWave PEMF vs Bemer or most other PEMF devices.

MagnaWave has a number of different PEMF devices, ranging from $3,950 USD up to $24,950 USD in price, however the most comparable, user friendly, would be the MagnaWave B2 Pad, as pictured for $3,950 USD.

This Magnawave B2 pad is much smaller, about the size you could sit on vs the full size style of the Bemer mat & others.

It has multiple frequency settings at different brain wavelengths such as Alpha, Theta, Delta and deliveries its frequencies at an average of 500 Gauss, vs the Bemer’s 0.35 Gauss average.

Warranty between MagnaWave & Bemer is the same with 3 years, however Magnawave includes a further 7 years with $700 USD yearly deductible.


bemer pro set

Bemer can be compared to MagnaWave on a number of different points.

Primarily we would consider the Bemer to be a therapeutic PEMF device, operating with therapeutic intensities and frequencies and having pre-market Bemer 510(K) FDA Clearance Approval as a safe device.

The MagnaWave says they are currently awaiting FDA approval, however the levels of PEMF intensity that their devices use is sometimes even far beyond what is tested in PubMed PEMF studies, something to be used very cautiously.

Another point to compare on is that the Bemer mat is large enough to lay on while the MagnaWave B2 is only large enough to sit on.